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Why the Creative Arts Are Experiencing a Full-Blown Renaissance [Podcast]

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Are the creative and performing arts experiencing a 21st-century renaissance? NOT REAL ART founder Scott “Sourdough” Power thinks so. “What's left when you've lost faith in your church, in your company, in your government?” he ponders in this week’s podcast episode. “What's left when you feel like all the fundamentals have lost their integrity and you've lost trust in the cornerstones of our societies? Well, I would speculate that art and artists are left.”

In today’s episode, Scott delves into the rebirth of creative culture in contemporary America. Spurred by waning trust in corporations, capitalism, and religious institutions, this renewed appreciation for creative expression signals a cultural sea change in our society. Is this a quest for authenticity in an increasingly commodified world? Are we yearning for connection in an age of digital isolation? Where do we find truth and beauty in the modern world?

“If you're looking for [integrity, honesty, purity, truth, empathy, compassion, and intelligence], what better place to look than the visual and performing arts?” asks Scott, adding, “Go look at art,” Scott says. “Go meet some artists because you're going to be inspired, and you're going to find positive energy that will give you faith, hope, and trust in our country, in our communities, and in ourselves.”

Tune in today as we explore these questions, shed light on the cultural shifts unfolding before our eyes, and celebrate the resilience of creativity and the enduring power of artistic expression in shaping our collective consciousness.

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